Concrete pier block with hole

Size: 2" x 8" x 16" Weight: 15 lbs. Concrete is is a lot coarser and CONCRETE CALCULATOR - How Much Do I Need? You can use this concrete calculator to help you determine the number of bags of QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix, Mortar Mix, or Fast-Setting Concrete you will need for the following projects. You can have a strong and durable deck without the hassle of mixing and pouring concrete on your own. The first construction step, after determining the floor level of the house, is to run up footing walls in the usual manner, and build piers to the same height of solid concrete block on 6 to 8 foot centers in each direction of the floor plan. Piers of hollow concrete block should be installed with the hollow channels A few bags of concrete, a little rebar and a sonotube will do the job. the thickness of the wall they create. You can also build your piers from 8 x 8 or 12 x 12 concrete blocks. 1. 8 FOUNDATION SYSTEMS Piers designed to resist lateral and/or uplift loads without the use of ground anchors or straps typically consist of reinforced brick masonry, reinforced concrete masonry units, or reinforced cast-in-place concrete with steel reinforcing bars for both the piers and the below-grade foot-ings. A hole needs to be drilled in order to install a concrete fastener or anchor. 4. Has all i wrote about precast. Round Footing Holes: Number of Holes If you're cutting blocks, concrete, This concrete post support pier helps simplify building a deck! This sturdy post support pier stabilizes the posts for your deck. A hole needs to be drilled in a concrete, brick or block wall to create a pathway for pipe or wiring. Dig a hole in the ground with the shovel where you need to place the first concrete pier. 6-18-08 notes: 1. For instance, a 6" CMU is nominally 6" deep. Two days ago, we completed the concrete pier foundation for our new straw bale house! Yahoo! In eight hours, and with pretty intense labor, we managed to get our holes dug, our concrete piers poured, and finally, revel in the excitement of having a finished foundation for our current house project. With 6 convenient retail locations, RCP is the place for all hardscape and masonry products. Concrete for a poured deck footing usually costs $50 to $100 per footing, depending on . If you fill a hole in the ground with concrete a building inspector can't see how . Tremie method: Procedure for placing concrete under water or slurry using a watertight steel pipe or tube to place concrete without washing out cement fines. Calculate how many yards or how many bags of concrete are needed for a set of post holes by entering the post diameter and hole size. G. 5 hours. Unlike a slab, which spreads structural loads across a large area, post-hole footings concentrate the load on a buried block of concrete. Single-stack concrete block pier loads must not exceed 8,000 lbs. You just add water and it is ready to go! It is the ratios of the ingredients that change its strength and drying time. com. The concrete truck arrived, and with a team of 4-5 helpers, we had plenty of hands to shuffle around and complete the pour in less than 1. Buehner Block - Concrete Pier Block with Metal Bracket - Use as a 4 in. The belling auger reshapes a straight augured hole into a bell shape and cleans out the dirt, leaving the surrounding soil undisturbed, all in one quick and easy process. My question is, should I do this or should I pour a pier about 6" out of the ground and connect the post to the pier? Precast Concrete Piers / Footings. This free concrete calculator estimates the amount of concrete necessary for a project, and can account for different shapes and amounts of concrete. Also referred as, pilaster caps, post caps or pier caps. 14 Feb 2018 Unlike a concrete footing that distributes the weight of the structure over a large area, Be careful to center the hole on the position for the pier. This pier is made from high quality concrete to maintain long lasting strength. 5ft concrete block - I had the hole dug and the concete prepared by my neighbour who lays tennis  For low-level decks, Hanson uses precast concrete piers he buys locally. see standard thrust block tables, w-10 thru w-11, for area of concrete required. Explore other calculators related to housing or building, as well as hundreds of other calculators addressing finance, math, fitness, health, and more. The installation for the rigid plastic footing forms is similar to that for conventionally wooden formed footings, but with The corners of a 6 x 8 x 8-inch sash block are rounded at a 5/8-inch radius. If you’re not sure what size hole to dig, a rule of thumb is to use a hole diameter 3 times the post diameter and 1 ⁄ 3 as deep as the post height. A post and beam foundation is similar to concrete pier construction, except instead of concrete, wooden 6”x6” or 8”x8” are used. If you’re doing that then I say the better solution is to use a precast concrete footing (see the picture below). Once inside the wall, moisture Pier Brackets. The pyramid-shaped blocks are designed for building decks, but they work great for sheds, too — provided you choose the right type. They just set these bases on ground level and the 4x4 post sits inside a pocket (with no anchors) in the top of In addition to being an eyesore, a hole in an exterior concrete wall of your home creates a point of weakness in the structure that can allow moisture to penetrate. just pour the concrete into the Concrete mixing procedure for home repairs, small projects, or design-build deck projects: How to prepare concrete for deck footings & piers. One person scooped the concrete off the slide into each pier, while another made sure that the tube was secure and did not shift. This block is my prototype. The slots on a concrete Deck Pier hold 47mm joists and the hole is for a 100 x 100mm post- necessary when building on uneven terrain or creating different deck A shed pier foundation is not strictly a permanent foundation it comprises of a series of concrete blocks laid directly on the ground (occasionally a shallow hole is dug and filled with crushed stone), the tops the blocks are then levelled to support the main floor beams of the shed. Then I saw the hollow concrete block pier they have up at Todmorden and knew that was Re: Pouring New Piers Around Existing Ones coloradotrout FWIW -- the architecture drawing shows at 24" x 24" x 12" thick "footer" , then a 12" x 12" square pier to near grade, the a pier of bricks above grade to the framing. And, this is one of the most commonly accepted methods of anchoring a shed down. timber support. To anchor an existing shed that doesn’t sit on a concrete pad, you can use ground or earth anchors, the more permanent concrete pier anchor, or mobile home tie-downs. Think real life Lincoln Logs. The ground where I was was pretty firm. 5ftx1. Hilti has concrete anchors, epoxies, adhesives, and mechanical anchors, that deliver maximum performance and productivity for concrete and masonry applications. As with brick, CMUs have actual dimensions and nominal dimensions. Putting in a Telescope Pier After upgrading to a Celestron CGE Pro mount, I immediately decided that it needed to be installed on a telescope pier. Pier blocks serve as a transition from the posts supporting the girder to the concrete foundation footings. I want of pour a 24 x 24 x 24 block in the ground with a 12 sono tube coming up out of the 24 block for the pier itself. Pouring New Piers Around Existing Ones . Concrete Block Molds: I am going to show you how I made a concrete block. This is the foundation of the deck and if not properly installed will result in failure of part or the entire deck. 12″ pier block with 4×4 Hot Dipped Galvanized adjustable post base $ 9. just pour the concrete into the Calculate bags required for square, round and rectangular footings and small slabs. The JESS Tools Bell Auger™ is a skid steer attachment for belling pier holes. Therefore, beam and joist spans must be limited and more blocks must be used over typical construction. Use a squeeze bulb or can of compressed air to remove concrete dust from the hole, then vacuum it up. Provides stability and structure to build a  Deck Blocks vs Concrete Footings or Piers Picture 4: Dry fit the base cylinder into the hole in the deck block so the corners are supported by the block; this is  Pour the concrete in the hole within an inch or so of the top and smooth it out with a piece of 2x4 or a trowel until it is relatively level. Size: Available in a variety of sizes from 32" to 168". Clean off the trowel and use it to smooth the edges when complete. These types of piers are quicker and less expensive to install. You don't want to be doing this, believe me. Product that is an ultra lightweight precast and deck footing regardless of. Post and beam foundation, pier and beam foundation, wood foundations, pier and post and beam) foundation involves wood posts or concrete piers set into the ground and either pour a concrete footing or fill the footing hole with clean crushed rock. Unlike solid foundations that are completely enclosed beneath the structure, pier foundations consist of a number of single piers or columns onto which the structure in built; the entire area beneath the house or building is open, except for the various piers. This block is about 18 inches long x 10 inches at the base x 11 inches tall. Also, spanning the 3 metres without support in the middle may lead to a fair bit of bounce. Pier foundations are cheaper to build than full foundations of block or concrete. Personally, I would always use 4 shed uncased drilled pier hole or to allow concrete placement when water seepage into a drilled pier hole is too severe to permit concreting in the dry or both. Utilizing the concrete footings, we placed our pressure treated 2×6 lumber into the grooves to maintain their vertical position. Dacromet Coating will not react to new generation wood preservatives. . 9"x 13" Chimney Block Removing dust improves the strength of concrete anchors. Products include structural block, interlocking paving stones, segmental retaining wall systems, paving stones, garden line products, outdoor living kits and a full line of packaged concrete/mortar products. Familt Category is 'Structural Columns' rather than 'Structural Footings' because when attaching a column to it, the column would attch to the top of the strap elevation rather than the pier bearing surface if categorized as a footing Concrete is a mixture of cement and other items, such as sand or gravel. Tips for Working With Concrete. /Pallet Pier Block With Hole 12" x 12" x 8" 60 lbs 48 16"x 16" Pier Block: 2" Solid: Concrete Lintels: Size: 16" x 8" x 16" Weight: Cube Size: Item Number: 945. Concrete Pier Footing Fully parametric square concrete footing with square pier support and column straps. The frost line used in Hoffman Concrete needs to have a proportionate depth in relation to its width and length, so at 50x50 you may be overbuilding for a deck. 5ft concrete block - I had the hole dug and the concete prepared by my neighbour who lays tennis courts/ embeds basket ball hoops etc for a living. The actual concrete pier will later be poured into the center hole created by the four walls of the block foundation and this 18" diameter pier will then extend  Square shaped concrete pier cap with hole. Bracket will hold 4 X lumber (bracket base 3 5/8” wide, ears are 2 3/8” tall with 1- 1 /2” hole and 4- nail holes per side). 5 May 2014 Concrete piers are a common and effective foundation repair method. Generally, pier blocks are 11 1/2 inches at the base, so your holes would be about 18 inches in diameter. We are one of most reliable foundation repair companies in Fort Worth, TX. Eight-inch Blocks Rigid plastic footing forms are new alternatives to conventional forming methods for concrete pier footings. Product Number Size [LxDxH] Weight No. With HANDI PIER™ you can get the job done with NO Footings and NO Concrete saving you time & money! Time for the Concrete Pier Pour. For a good while I planned to copy the excellent brick pier someone posted here (apologies,forget who it was). After the  13 Jun 2013 Goodbye post hole digger. 6” Post Pier Block Tapered Hex Shape Accepts 4” or 6” posts 12” Hex  We recently had an employee use the wrong size concrete tube pier on a Place a brick, 4×4 or block under the middle of the footing next to these holes. Buy Online. Visit The Home Depot to buy Headwaters 12 in. In the pic you have a ledger securing the deck to the house. A Diamond Pier is basically just a small piece of concrete with four holes in it. Place your pier blocks while the concrete is still wet. Deck piers support the beams that create the joist spans for a deck. Does Your County Require Shed Foundation Piers? I have found that most counties in the vicinity of where I live want you to use a 4x4 treated post (pier) anchored in concrete in a hole that is dug just below the frost line. Threaded RCP Block & Brick is a manufacturer and provider of quality hardscape and masonry supplies. You can use 6" pier blocks. I 'm sure there is a height restriction for using the pier blocks. As with wooden fences, builders often anchor gazebo post framing to holes filled with concrete. It is set into the ground, leveled and plumbed, and then concrete poured into the hole to secure the post. Concrete Masonry Units (CMU), or Concrete Blocks, come in a variety of sizes. Re: Diamond Piers they do look like glorified deck blocks. CMUs are identified by their depth - i. Place your pier blocks while  Wondering if you can use pier blocks for your deck? Learn the pros and cons of using pier blocks for deck foundations instead of footings at Decks. But that part of the code dates from the days when foundations were made mostly with concrete block, not poured concrete. However, instead of using flat blocks, a series of precast concrete pier blocks are used to support the shed’s floor frame. This concrete post support pier helps simplify  My pier in Taunton was on a 1. It's a lot of work, but it is a viable option. 6. Two severe winters and there was absolutely no movement. Fill the holes with concrete to the proper height. trenches shall conform to standard detail w-3. Concrete needs to have a proportionate depth in relation to its width and length, so at 50x50 you may be overbuilding for a deck. Pouring a concrete pier - posted in General Observing and Astronomy: I would like to ask if anyone has experience doing a monolithic pour for a pier. Dig a hole the approximate size and shape of the HANDI PIER™ head. Concrete mix is similar to mortar mix (the stuff I used to pour the floor of my shower) but it is made up of sand and cement only. Concrete walls, on the other hand, can be reinforced with steel to span openings. x 8 in. )  10 Oct 2018 A concrete deck pier can provide a stable platform for your deck posts The bottom of the hole should always be in solid soil and below the local frost line . Those suckers are heavy. Click and Collect or enjoy free UK delivery on orders over £50  Push sticks/blocks Save Fingers If you want a deck I would pour concrete piers & run steel beams or treated So, what I did was dig the holes (14 of them as my deck is 25' x 18' and 4 ft off the ground at the highest point. Trrimstone offers real precast concrete wall caps and column caps at unbelievable prices with uncompromising quality. was established in 1946. Apply in overlapping layers from side to side, using a generous amount. Here at i Creative Ideas, we have come up with a rounded up more than 20 creative uses of concrete blocks or cinder blocks in our home and garden. *Has 7” hole through center of each column block for concrete and rebar Pier Block. How to Install Deck Piers. x 4 in. Precast concrete piers are really great and we use them exclusively for porches and decks when we build new homes. Given the image above: What should I use to backfill the hole around the concrete pier block? I am thinking to use one of the following: (1) Paver base (again) (2) Gravel (3) Just the dirt tha The QUIKRETE® Companies - Largest manufacturer of packaged concrete in the United States and leader in the commercial building and home improvement industries. 5. Easiest way to build a deck or fence with no holes to dig, no concrete to mix or clean. With any . These piers are created by first drilling a cylindrical hole into the ground  Select your concrete blocks from our fantastic collection, available in high, medium & low density. When a full-height mating wall does not support the ridge beam, this area is considered an unsupported span - Span B. 2. With some creativity and time, you can repurpose these smart blocks into practical furniture or decorative pieces at home or in your garden. For beams, drain tiles, piers, steps, and other blockout applications, WTF has many blockout accessories that easily attach to your concrete forms. . A Diamond Pier is basically just a small piece of concrete with four holes  Product has built in drainage hole. 1 Apr 2003 But instead of using flat blocks, a series of precast concrete pier are a few styles of pier blocks available, including one that has a square hole  Products 1 - 23 of 23 Our concrete fence posts are available in 2 and 3 hole sizes. Cube Size: 240. Uniform in shape, color  Shop concrete block in the concrete, cement & masonry section of Lowes. In cold climates, piers need to be placed below the frost line to prevent frost heaves. Offering an unmatched selection of products to Southern California contractors and homeowners since 1947. thrust block area o 45 bend rrh 3-31-00 o 90 bend d. Be sure to choose a high-strength concrete mix like Sakrete 5000 Plus High Strength Concrete Mix, or Sakrete Concrete Countertop mix for your concrete countertop project to ensure it will remain strong and durable over time. concrete shall not contact bolts or ends of mechanical joint fittings. The next operation, using available material, to with in 6 inches of the tops of the piers. Yersmay1, Thank you for your input and job site pictures. Item Number: 229. h. Larger A Diamond Pier is basically just a small piece of concrete with four holes in it. Some of them are actual DIY projects and come with full BMC sells building materials and construction solutions to professional builders, contractors & remodelers, including: lumber, trusses, doors, millwork, windows  Blocks have a socket to hold the base of a 4 in. You can also use concrete block to build your own piers, but this requires you to pour a concrete footing at the bottom of the hole for the block to rest on. Sturdy support for decks, patios or porches. Concrete Pier Block with Metal Bracket-8053112 - The Home Depot July 2019 Buehner Block - Concrete Pier Block with Metal Bracket - Use as a 4 in. Concrete Deck Piers are precast concrete blocks that are set on a bed of gravel, eliminating the need to dig post holes. Deck pier blocks product, posts etc. A pier is also the first step in a real backyard observatory, build the pier first, then a building around it. Ideal for building raised decks, walkways and floors. This article tells how to mix your own concrete or how & when to decide to order a concrete delivery when building a deck, porch, or exterior stairs. People sometimes use the terms interchangeably,  The cheapest deck foundations are concrete deck blocks that just sit on the helical pier and provide more lateral strength than surface deck block footing. As noted in my OP, 16"x16" old block piers have already been dug out by someone else where the new piers are going to go; therefore, the hole is now way too large and "sloppy" to be useful to use as part of the form. We also have  Excavation; Soil Type for Piers & Footings; Types of Footings; Precast; Cast in Place A two-person post-hole digger will cost about $20-40 per hole. Tie Masonry Block and Concrete Together. The installation for the rigid plastic footing forms is similar to that for conventionally wooden formed footings, but with Unlike solid foundations that are completely enclosed beneath the structure, pier foundations consist of a number of single piers or columns onto which the structure in built; the entire area beneath the house or building is open, except for the various piers. Blockouts/Blockdowns. Find quality concrete block online or in store. Step 5 - Repair with Concrete Epoxy for Leaks. Prefabricated piers must not exceed their approved or listed maximum vertical or horizontal design loads. Block Piers. You can see the broken down mold in the background. HANDI PIER™ by Natural Concrete Products is an easier way to install decking and foundation systems. High-strength concrete mixes offer exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. Tankersley Concrete was founded on its reputation for quality products at fair pricing and service to the customer. Concrete mix is a mix of sand/gravel/stone with cement. Pouring Bell Bottom Concrete Piers Just dumping concrete in a hole. Holes through a reinforced concrete block guide pins — made from galvanized- iron  Concrete and cinder blocks share some fundamental elements, but a vital ingredient makes all the difference. To be effective, they need to be sized and spaced according to the deck’s design load and the soil’s bearing capacity. Fill with drainage rock to the required height. 3. Pier foundations can be as simple as concrete-filled cardboard tubes dropped into hand-dug holes. Now build your piers out of concrete block and the rest of the porch as you envision. Up to 1,900 PSI compression strength. 7 Historic Perspective • one of the oldest methods of overcoming the difficulties of founding on soft soils • Alexander the Great, 332BC in Tyre • “Amsterdam, die oude Stadt, is gebouwed op You can also use concrete block to build your own piers, but this requires that you pour a concrete footing at the bottom of the hole for the block to rest on. Moulded into the top of each one are slots and a square recess. But was sure thrilled to have the kids there to get to see the Mighty Mixer! Each pier has steel rebar cage in it too for Time for the Concrete Pier Pour. Click and Collect or enjoy free UK delivery on orders over £50 excluding VAT. To some green builders, one advantage of pier foundations is that they cause minimal disruption to the soil environment. A 6 x 8 x 14-inch concrete pier block has two cores, both measuring 3 5/8 inches wide by 5 5/16 inches long. Before packaged concrete came along, Sakrete and Quikrete being the two big names, we would recommend to customers to put a concrete block in the bottom of the hole to keep the post from settling or sinking. Cement is an ingredient in concrete and is the “glue” that helps hold the mixture together. Evolving over the years, it has become a manufacturing plant for all types of concrete masonry block, masonry lintels and precast products. Create holes that are about 1 1/2 times the width of the pier block base. sink slightly into spongy topsoil should you not use the scrap block. Concrete Forms. Hot dipped galvanized post base fits in the center hole of a pier block. Buy online from Silva Timber. Block at hole bottom? Some inspectors permit a simple solid 4-inch or 6-inch concrete block placed at the bottom of the hole to serve as a footing that will carry the deck pier. Pier block sytems atop of part or post layouts just a 2×8 and produces a special formula that utilizes concrete deck pier block deck the soil from building materials division steve rizoti. Rigid plastic footing forms are new alternatives to conventional forming methods for concrete pier footings. Stop digging holes and waiting on concrete. There is a special concrete formula made by sackrete that you just add water to the concrete after pouring it in a hole. Uplift loads do not apply when installed to a pier block. Today we’ve got a much better solution! If you already need to dig a large hole to accommodate the large base, then you’re probably already using a large piece of earthwork equipment. This hole should be slightly larger You want no earth to wood contact! Or use pier blocks. But more complex foundations incorporating very deep piers or helical screws can support much greater loads. ) Drilling into concrete may seem intimidating, but with the proper tools and equipment, it is well within the I see a lot of decks in this area (MT) being built using precast concrete post bases. The most permanent anchor after a concrete pad is the concrete pier. When forming garage door openings, access holes, or other specific depth blockdowns, choose from WTF's selection of steel or aluminum blockdowns. Long steel pins get driven through the holes at 45 degree angles, and these pins make the small chunk of concrete Precast Concrete Piers. Concrete Patio Pier Block PIERBLOCK Pour the concrete in the hole within an inch or so of the top and smooth it out with a piece of 2x4 or a trowel until it is relatively level. HANDI PIER™ CONCRETE HEAD (1) GALVANIZED STEEL RODS (4) ROD DRIVER PLUGS (4) ROD CAPS (4) INSTALLATION INSTURCTIONS WARRANTY INFORMATION STEP 1: Identify the location of each HANDI PIER™ needed for the project. To anchor the beams to the posts, use anchor plates and straps to prevent wind lift. 3 STANDARDS A. Get a permit. Provides stability and structure to build a decking base on, plus protection from frost heave. The two hollow cores on a 6 x 8 x 16-inch pier block are 7 5/16 inches long and identical in width to the cores on a 6 x 8 x 14-inch block. Concrete dust can be hazardous to breathe in, so make sure you wear a mask during this process. I know, we ATM’s usually use sonotube for telescope tubes, but this is what it is really meant to do, cast concrete. Once concrete hardens, it can be used to create stairs, sidewalks, landing pads, or other solid surfaces, as well as footers for decks. Leave your goggles on while doing this to protect from dust and debris. x 12 in. Unlike a concrete footing With the post hole digger and spade, dig a hole at each marked spot to the required depth. To repair a leaking concrete block wall in a basement, you'll need concrete epoxy cement to make a waterproof seal. The small bearing area of pier blocks is limited in supporting much load. Once we determined our ideal placement, we leveled out our square exterior frame. (This situation will be the focus of this article. 1. I am a fan of low tech solutions and although I could get permission to sink half a tonne of concrete into the back garden, I don't see the point. Tube piers come in various diameters as well and larger ones should be used on the downhill side of a sloping site where they will stand higher. After the concrete has set, lay a concrete block foundation; Framing begins with pressure treated 2”x6” blocks  LEVEL DIRT SITE WITH CONCRETE PIERS POURED IN GROUND TO SET IN BOTTOM OF HOLE AND CONCRETE BLOCKS SET IN HOLE UP TO GRADE. Total Length: 8 in Bolt Length: 5 5/8 in Bolt Diameter: 3/4 in  I had several designs done by local home centers and building supply, all based on specific parameters. This building method is similar to the solid-concrete block foundation discussed above. If your footings need to be larger than the bottom of the concrete pier and if the footings will need to be inspected by your building official you should begin here. The oldest of these are deck blocks, and these are just formed concrete blocks. 21 Sep 2017 Concrete piers are a precast footing that you can use for the construction of a deck. Our Pre Cast Concrete Deck Blocks (Deck Piers) eliminate post hole digging, mixing concrete and pouring footings. e. Place a shovel full of concrete, even fence post mix under your pier block, press down and turn the block so the concrete flattens out and comes out the sides around the block. Solid Concrete Blocks, Deck Blocks, Gravel Pad and Timber Frame, Skid Foundations. If you have concrete piers that require repairing or need new piers to support your foundation, contact Advanced Foundation Repair. To construct a post-hole footing, builders dig a narrow, deep hole and fill the hole with mixed concrete. Goodbye worker bending over the hole. l. While pier blocks commonly have protruding concrete lugs that surround the post, there is only opinion as to whether they are of sufficient strength. Click on the customized channel below to learn how Basalite has the solutions for your next project. It weighs in at about 75lbs without a scope or counterweights and it comes with a tripod, but setting it up and assembling it is very tedious. post, eliminating the need to dig post-holes; Digging holes is eliminated; mixing concrete to fill the holes is  Basalite - Pier Block with Wood Cap - Square concrete block with no large chips or breaks. Then when Sakrete came out, we would recommend you pour some in the bottom of the hole to set the post on, replacing the block. Eco Series Wall Caps & Column Caps offer an economical solution to enhancing the curb appeal to any project. All came back with the same design of putting a 4 x 4 post in the ground 3' and pouring concrete in the hole around the post. Fill the hole, working upward from the bottom. You then have to fill the cores of the concrete block with steel rods and a concrete mix to make them solid. concrete shall be 3000 psi 2. Masonry foundation walls have no real spanning capability, so they have to be stepped down when elevations change. For short piers use the smaller blocks, for taller ones go larger. CALCULATING THE CORRECT PIER DIAMETER Concrete piers are used to transfer the deck’s weight to the ground. 60. My pier in Taunton was on a 1. Select your concrete blocks from our fantastic collection, available in high, medium & low density. In a previous posts I wrote about Porch and Deck Pier Footings and I highlighted a really great construction product, the precast concrete pier. It will save you money in labor, and radically increase the quality of your concrete piers. Shop concrete block in the concrete, cement & masonry section of Lowes. We offer it in simple square edge peaked style: Eco Series. We used concrete deck blocks as our base… 52 of them for the extra support. Post Hole. concrete pier block with hole

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